Drama Free Resolution

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Terrie Lynn for NottHeadsChokkklit Shop

No Drama

No Drama - New Year's Resolution

When drama lives or visits your house, it may be time for someone to get a new address; better yet a new attitude. Let’s start the New Year with a fresh attitude and see how long it can last.

Don’t know if you’ve noticed this from my columns and books. I write about relationships, not necessarily how to get into one or how to keep one, but how to rid yourself of relationship drama.


Now, some folks it seems, have an addiction to drama, because they need the attention, they’re bored or for whatever reason. For others, they’re caught up in “generational curses”. This means one or more parent had (or still has) major relationship drama in their day-to-day lives, which they may have inherited.

When you witness a parent going through psychical or emotional drama on a regular basis your mind recognizes this as somewhat normal behavior. You become desensitized to what is dysfunctional because it’s a typical part of your environment. So in turn your relationships mimic the ones from previous generations.

On the upside, generational curses can be broken. Sometimes we recognize that our relationships are not healthy but think we don’t have the tools to stop the cycle of madness that has been ingrained into our lives.

Phrase for 2011, “Don’t underestimate your ability to change yourself, and don’t over estimate the ability to change someone else.”

Terrie Lynn

Terrie Lynn

Tips on being DRAMA FREE

  • You need to clean out your closet. I mean literally clean out your closet. You will not have room for anything positive or worthwhile if you have too much clutter and baggage. Get rid of all the negative aspects and get a fresh clean start.
  • Start making better choices. Now I know there are times when you thought it was the right thing to do at the time. But be honest with yourself. When it come to most bad decisions we make, we knew it wasn’t a good idea in the first place.
  • Slow down. Avoid making decisions when you’re very sad, very happy or in a hurry. Don’t be so quick to react or jump to conclusions. If at all possible, take your time, consider the cause and effect.
  • Other phrase for 2011 – “I’ll get back with you.”, “Let me meditate on that.”

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Ebony Stitchers Exhibit – Going Green

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Ebony Stitchers Quilt Guild

Going Green

Going Green

Going Green – RePurpose, ReCycle & ReUse

A Quilt Exhibit


Gees Bend Quilters – Tinnie & Minnie Pettway

July 22 – 25, 2010

About the Exhibit

The feature exhibit is a collection of works authored by Bend Quilters – Tinnie & Minnie Pettway entitled “Tinnie Pieces with Minnie Designs”.  The style of the Gees Bend quilting fits perfectly with the theme of the Ebony Stitchers Quilt Exhibit of Going Green – RePurpose, ReCycle & ReUse.  The success of Gees Bend Quilters lends a great deal of excitement to this year’s exhibit.  The Quilt Exhibit will also have several activities for children and adults; such as quilting classes, workshops and lectures throughout the weekend.  Vendors!!!

Gees Bend

Gees Bend

The National Black Arts Festival in partnership with Ebony Stitchers Quilt Guild present Going Green – featuring Gees Bend Quilters – Tinnie & Minnie Pettway at the Porter Sanford Art Center – July 22nd to July 25th.

Calendar of Events

  • July 22 – Opening Night Reception – Porter Sanford Art Center – Rainbow Drive, Decatur, Georgia – 6:30pm – 9:30pm
  • July 23 and 24 – Porter Sanford Art Center – Rainbow Drive, Decatur, Georgia – 12:00 Noon – 8:00pm
  • July 25 – Porter Sanford Art Center – Rainbow Drive, Decatur, Georgia – 12:00 Noon – 6:00pm
Porter Sanford Performing Arts Center

Porter Sanford Performing Arts Center

For more information contact:

– Ebony Stitchers Quilt Guild


Ebony Stitchers – About Me

Our Ebony Stitchers are women of color who aspire to professional status in the fiber arts. We are fiber artists, quilters, doll makers, and fine artists. We seek to connect with and share our interests, talents and skills with fiber artists and quilters.

Our goals:

  • Sharing the art, tradition and culture of quilting, doll making and fiber arts in all forms;
  • Educating our community about the fiber arts and crafts and its many facets;
  • Teaching our craft to enthusiasts, appreciators and other artists;
  • Exhibiting our work through fine art galleries, exhibitions and other public art forums.

We look forward to sharing our gifts with you.

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How Did I Get Here?

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Written by Tameka Anderson – L A Say

Chapter Two: How Did I Get Here?

Moment of  Clarity

Moment of Clarity

Every guy that lived on my block wanted to date me, or as I suspected, just wanted to sleep with me. I was hated by most girls because I was the essence of true beauty; fair-skin, long hair, slender shape, great personality. When I was in the room it didn’t matter who else was there; I commanded their attention by my physique and persona. With my long beautiful hair, extraverted personality, and long slender shape that was better than any coca-cola bottle on the market; I drove men wild. Even though I loved the attention, I never gave in to any of them. I liked to tease them and play the game of catch-me-if-you-can, and I must say I played the game very well. I thought it was hilarious how far men would go just to get a piece of me. My objective was to get as many men to passionately desire me, and not give in to any of them. I got what I wanted, which was attention, and they got nothing but weariness from chasing me. This was not my only game I had in my little bag of tricks.

Excerpt from Moment of Clarity by Tameka Anderson

Moment of Clarity

If you have ever been or known someone who has suffered in their love life, most of their life, then this book will bless them. So many people suffer from a disease of the mind, more like an illness, that there is no medicine to cure and yet they have no clue they suffer from it. This book is a variety of stories that comprise the moment of clarity when that disease was made clear. It’s a journal of events that led to the discovery and recovery of this mental illness that many battle with and few realize; love addiction.

Darius Bradford – Hood On Ass

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Darius Bradford

Darius Bradford - Return of Miami Nites

Darius Bradford – Return of Miami Nites After Party.

While enjoying himself the comedian Darius Bradford does an impromptu promo for Hood On Blast.  In the preparation for an interview Darius Bradford grabs two ladies from the party-goers for the spot.  Give a comedian a camera, you get lines; Bradford spits “Hood On Blast will get you Hood On Ass”.  Bradford then send a message to the Rickey Smiley Morning Show staff that he made it to work this morning or at least attempted too.

After the show is the after party!  The limo picks the celebrity guest up from the show venue and carts them off to club Karu & Y for the after party sponsored by UMG – Hood On Blast.  UMG has the evening events covered; starting with photos from the James L Knight Center, the arrival at Karu & Y, the mingling in the club, interviews for Hood On Blast and photos from the JT Money performance.

Larry Dogg TK Kirkland Marvin Dixon Jay Lamont
Darius Bradford Cole JT Money JT Money


Open House – Tonia Mitchell Gallery

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The Tonia Mitchell Gallery, an all new art gallery in Olde Towne Morrow, welcomes the public to open house, on Saturday, March 27, from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Tonia Mitchell Gallery - Open House

Tonia Mitchell Gallery - Open House

Come see and buy original art and enjoy spoken word…a little poetry, a little song, and a lot of fun…hosted by Doug Berry and Ken Warner featuring the Sounds of Bliss.

In the Napier House in Olde Towne Morrow beside Southlake Mall at 1061 Southlake Circle, Morrow, Ga 30260

Call for more information and details: (678) 876-7238



TONIA MITCHELL designs and creates captivating original character dolls and extraordinary dimensional textile art.

Tonia Mitchell doll - Simone


TONIA MITCHELL’s art is a joyful journey in the exploration of color, texture and imagination. She employs the use of exotic fabrics from around the world, hand dyed and commercial yarns and fibers, beads, buttons, and embellishments that delight the eye. She sews, sculpts, and paints artworks designed to elevate and inspire. Her work celebrates the wonder of color and cultural diversity in our world with a focus on the human face. She is intrigued with the idea that faces are windows to our soul as we share hope, joy, strength, bliss, contentment, trust, and love.

Sideways Sexy – Angelika Love

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Sideways Sexy

Angelika Love - Sideways Sexy

S. Pierre Price Photography made sure that no matter how you looked at Angelika Love the response is the same; damn she sexy!  Sexy sideways, sideways sexy, front ways, and let’s not even talk about the back; look at the photos, what do you think?  S. Pierre Price Photography’s gallery of Angelika Love in Tempe, Arizona is proof that heat is more than what the thermometer stays.  Also, when you have a model that is sexy you want to see her in as many ways and photos as you can, Angelika Love fits any definition of sexy!!

Angelika Love

Angelika Love - S. Pierre Price Photography

Angelika Love

Angelika Love - S. Pierre Price Photography

Angelika Love

Angelika Love - S. Pierre Price Photography

Life with Peaches available on Amazon Kindle

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LIFE WITH PEACHES (Kindle Edition)

by Bonnie J Glover (Author) – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0039PT5SG

Digital List Price: $1.99 What’s this?
Kindle Price: $1.99 & includes wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet

Product Description

From the critically acclaimed author of THE MIDDLE SISTER and GOING DOWN SOUTH, comes the story of C. Peaches Montgomery, a Big girl with a huge appetite for life. Because of her weight, Peaches has always had to fight for whatever she’s wanted, respect, acceptance and peace. Read about her surprising journey to love found, lost and found again.

Product Details

  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 20 KB
  • Publisher: Bonnie J. Glover (February 23, 2010)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B0039PT5SG
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